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The recent discoveries following from the sequencing of the human genome (HGP) have led to a re-examination of the scientific basis of the many theories involved in the soft skills area of Project Management. In particular these areas include:
  • The identification of personalities and personality types
  • The acquisition of team members based on psychometric testing
  • The development of teams using management theories
  • The role of stress and motivation in projects
This has led to several papers addressing these areas
Brave New world - addresses the changing world context and proposes a possible future (PMI Global conference , Edinburgh 2005)
A Time and a Place for everything - time and productivity 
The Mismeasurement of Man - nature and nurture in interviews 
Proof and the PMBOK  - levels of proof
Instinct, Faith and Science - the triangle we all face
Empathy, Systems and the PMBOK - addresses the role of systemizing and empathy in the development of the PMBOK
Genetics and Management Studies - a re-evaluation of the management theories that underly the PMBOK
Maturity Model Tipping Point - a fresh look at ways to introduce a project management maturity model approach to your company.
Project Management As the Customer Sees It - who are your customers, what do the want from you and why do they want it?, more questions than answers.. Read on..

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