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Keeping Balance

“I feel that PM has more to learn from Art
 than Art has to learn from PM”

This was one of those odd quotes that I found recently in an old dusty folder. rado replica uk I have been thinking about the evolution of Project Management over the past 20 years - from a ‘Craft’ as I was introduced to it - to a ‘Science’ as I later learned it - to an ‘Art’ as I now understand it. This books lays out the individual contributions and relative importance of Craft, Science and Art as they relate to managing any project, anywhere, anytime.

All of life is a story” as Benjamin Zander says in his book ‘The Art of Possibility’. replica watches sale Storytelling is the new buzz in management. Obtaining an MBA is out while having an MFA is in, ‘Left Brain work’ is outsourced as Right Brain thinking is desired. fake omega We have to be careful not to get too carried away - not to throw the baby out with the bath water - and to find a balance between these three pillars of a successful project.

Individual chapters will address the history, contributions, successes and failures of each of these three pillars. cartier replica sale When seamlessly blended together they provide for an exhilarating,roller-coaster like ride through the project life cycle. When off balance, as is frequently the case, we see confusion, anxiety, false starts and frustration. rolex replica sale We say that our projects are complex when if fact they are often just complicated - and many times we are the main source of those complications.

Imagine a game of darts played by proponents of the 3 camps, Craft/Science/Art:

ART - The artists would randomly throw darts with 1 in a 1,000,000 chance of hitting the bullseye. But they might hit one - randomness.

CRAFT - The craftsmen would throw expertly and precisely but inaccurately. omega replica sale They would never hit a single a single bullseye - precision.

SCIENCE - The scientists would deliberate, pontificate, collaborate, obfuscate without ever throwing a single dart - paralysis.

Together they would form a formidable team, increasing the probability of more bulls-eyes. The ideas contained in 'Keeping Balance' provide an answer to improving management by projects.

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