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"As millions know, the only human activity more fraught with disappointment and frustration than project management is trying to hit a little ball with a little stick into a little hole, while hoping that it stays, shall we say, on the 'critical path.'   In KEEPING SCORE, Frank Ryle introduces three coaches, with three different teaching philosophies, each offering enormously valuable lessons in the management of complex projects.  He is perceptive, entertaining, and very, very smart.  Now, if only he could slow down my backswing..."


"This is a seriously interesting, different and imaginative business book.

 It is not written by a troubadour guru or out-of-touch academic but by someone experienced and highly successful in the world of project management. It is a book full of original thinking and written in a very engaging style. Above all it gives seriously useful practical advice to managers in the modern workplace"

Professor Adrian Furnham. University College London.

book and Movie were launched in Oct 2011 at PMI, Dallas
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LaVerne Johnson - The Boss
Helping David to choose the cast
Frank Ryle
Author and part time actor
David Roderick
Preparing the crew
Frank, Kevin and David
Talent + Director - at work in Myrtle Beach
Actors at work
A scene from the book
The golfing professor from Cork
Edward and Bob
Getting prepared for their scenes

Keeping Score - Summary

“Golf and project management?” asked Edward intrigued. “Are you really serious about using this golf course as an analogy for getting our projects done in the workplace?”

“I don't see why not,” said Louise, bouncing a ball rhythmically on her wedge at the same time. “After all, a project is just something new that needs to get done. We need to break it down into a series of individual, focused steps. Otherwise, it is all just a blur of meaningless activity-based words like ‘planning’ and ‘controlling.’”

“Very interesting,” said Edward grinning at the connection. “Nine holes, nine graphics, and nine steps I presume. I’d never thought about it this literally. Now I'm beginning to understand your comment about visual representation yesterday. We all learn better when we can draw clear associations.”

This book sets out a dialogue between three main schools of thought in facing the future of project management. Bob Johnson represents a system or process-centered approach, Edward Smyth represents a personality-centered approach, and finally Louise O’ Higgins brings an academic and theoretical approach. Together, they are challenged to create a project management framework or approach to assist a company in urgent need of help.

Each character in this business novel sets out a case for inclusion of their ideas and beliefs in the final format. Fortunately, all are keen golfers and find comfort and interesting parallels in the game to help with their conflicts, communication, and even the very structure of the final approach to project management.

No animals were injured in the making of this movie - However a lot of golf balls were lost.

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